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Get to know and love Leipzig: Our B&B hotel is situated directly on the historic Bayrischer Platz and has a long and eventful history. One of the most distinguished visitors to the house, built in 1862 in the style of a villa, was Karl Marx. Later, from the 1930s to the 1980s, the ‘Hotel Hochstein’ was also very popular with students.

Situated directly by an S-Bahn (street car) station, the hotel is ideally placed for exploring the sights of Leipzig and its surroundings. The Leipzig Book Fair, which is a cultural highlight, many places of interest and the Leipzig shopping experience make the city an appealing short-break destination. A further attraction for the whole family is the Leipzig Zoo.

Our guests relish the personal style of our establishment and the flair of the building with its original Italian furnishings. As a bed-and-breakfast hotel, we offer an extensive breakfast buffet to set you up for your day. Spend the night in one of our 32 friendly rooms spread over two floors. For further booking information, please go to reservations.

Bayrischer Platz

Our hotel, the former ‘Hochstein’, is situated on Bayrischer Platz. The Bayerischer Bahnhof (the old Bavaria Railway Station) is a popular attraction and was the first railway terminus in Germany.

On the Trail of Karl Marx

Karl Marx and his daughter Eleanor stayed at the Hotel Hochstein from 22 to 24 September 1874. You can book the Karl Marx Room for your stay.

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